Frequently Asked Questions


what is HRlogy?

HRlogy is a full service, out-sourced Human Resources consulting company that offers services to small businesses provided by dedicated Human Resources Business Partners. We offer educational services as well as consulting services to assist small business with building and strengthening their HR practices and procedures.

Can your hR Business Partners visit my business to assist me?

If you are local to one of our HRBPs (same city or within 20 miles), we can arrange for our HRBP to visit your business location for an additional fee. We do our best to provide our services virtually to save our clients’ money and time.

What is included in the consultation?

Our HR Business Partner will use the information you provide on our intake form to assess your needs prior to the call. While on the call, you will discuss your current HR practices, if any, and your current needs. The HRBP will then recommend the services to best meet your needs and any additional services that you may want to consider in the future.

I do not have any HR practices in place? Can you help me?

Of Course! We are a great partner for new businesses and those that recognize an immediate need to have strong HR practices in place.

What is an Hr business partner?

These individuals are HR professionals whose job is to partner closely with a company's senior leadership to develop an effective HR agenda. The agenda includes recruiting and retention plans, on-boarding and training, staffing and organization management and re-alignment, employee development and performance management and employee separation.

Do you provide training for business owners and managers?

Yes. Please sign up for our mailing list here.

is there a fee for the initial consultation?

Yes. There is a $49 fee. This fee covers the expertise of our HR Business Partner for one hour, providing you with all of the information you need to determine if you would like to partner with HRlogy to assist you with managing your HR practices.

Do you offer do-it-yourself resources?

We do realize that many business may choose not to use our services, but still need to have HR practices and procedures in place. We will soon provide a guide that you can purchase to set up your own HR policies, practices and procedures. Be the first to receive information about the upcoming guide by joining our mailing list here.

I need assistance quite often. when will the subscriptions services be available?

We are currently building a great user-friendly interface that will allow our clients to access the assistance and resources that they need 24/7 and also chat live with a dedicated HR Business Partner during business hours.

How do i partner (hire) with HRlogy?

First, schedule your initial consultation here. Then, speak to one of our HR Business Partners to get a recommendation for the services your business requires. You will then receive a written recommendation following your consultation. Finally, you will schedule a follow up call to initiate service and pay the agreed upon fees.

Can you assist me with administrative claims?

Yes. We can advise you through the unemployment, EEOC and Department of labor process if you receive a claim. However, if it is determined that you require legal advice and services, we will refer you to one of our law firm partners in your state.